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   Welcome to our history/gold tour on-site activity, that includes Sluicing/Gold-panning lessons at our introductory price of $49 per person! (10% Military/Senior discounts. Children under 10 free!)

Gold School


Come explore the original gold country of Alaska as we guide you through our original gold school that was started by Red Hat Haun himself.  We will introduce our students to the ins and outs of goldmining and let you try your luck at prospecting your own paydirt from our Paystreke goldmine.

History Tour​

   Located near Hope, Alaska - Alaska's first gold rush town - our history tour will enlighten and enrich your knowledge of Alaskan History, the towns of Hope and Sunrise, the Paystreke Gold Mine, and the Haun family.  Come along and explore the faces and places of yesteryear!

Things to do in & around Hope

   In addition to onsite activities, consider exploring the nearby historical town of Hope. Hope has much to offer: Check out the mining museum, local cafes/espresso shops, gift stores, rafting & kayaking venues, or weekend dancing with live music at the local Seaview Bar and Restaurant.

   If you're a naturalist at heart, venture out in and around town on local trails, such as Palmer Creek and Gullrock that present above timber-line views. Biking and Hiking on the Resurrection Trail that can be accessed from our property on the onsite bridge at the front of the property.

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